It can be tough finding solutions to vocal issues that actually work. When you're so closely invested and passionate about voice, it may be hard to know how to make the difference you’re looking for.

At Voice Your Potential we’ll help you clarify your understanding to enable you to get the voice you want. It’s been our passion to help countless others to do just that including singers, speakers, actors, vocal coaches, musical directors, therapists and more.


If you’ve struggled with vocal issues

‘I finally got solutions to problems I've been carrying around for a long time’

Gerorgia Ciavatta - Singer, Teacher, Performer, Songwriter 


If you want to make changes that gets results

‘A wide range of tools to help you get the results that you wanted. Simply brilliant!’
Andrea Torregrosa Mateo – Singer/Singing Teacher


If you want support to achieve your goals

‘This course was incredible - I’ve never learnt so much, so fast, in such a friendly, supportive and positive way’

Jessica Ruth Morris – Choir Leader/Singer


If you want to go deeper

This was the clearest analysis of vocal function I had ever come across. It helped me understand what my students were doing, why they weren't doing certain things & what I could do to directly target the difficulty they were facing. I also discovered my own potential was an endless canvas that I was not aware was there’
Katerina Kozadinou – Singer/Voice Coach

If you just need to get it done

‘The difference Charlotte’s teaching can make in even a very short time is incredible!’
Gemma Bourke - Actor/Singer


If a lack of consensus is slowing you down

‘I found the course has removed the mystery, a way of understanding how the voice works and how we make the sounds we make. Thanks for an excellent week - so useful!’
Mandy Griffin – Singer/Singing Teacher


If you’re a seasoned voice user or teacher

‘As a pro singer & teacher for over 20 years it was a real awakening of parts of the voice & singing mechanism that I had never thought about. I’ve come away with a lot more detail & scientific knowledge to share with everyone I work, teach & coach with’

Abi Gilchrist – Singer/Singing Teacher


...or new to all this stuff

‘Absolute eye opener & must for people who want to become real singing teachers’

Ola Igboaka – Singer, Teacher, Songwriter­­ 


If you’re thinking if the time is worth it

'This 5 days has had the single biggest impact on my vocal work'

Julia Krajewska – Singer/Singing Teacher


If you want to move ahead with confidence

‘This course really helped unlock my confidence, both as a performer and a vocal coach, thank you!’

Joe Mann - Singer/Singing Teacher

Don’t keep struggling to find the missing pieces you need.  


Fill the gaps in your vocal knowledge to move full speed ahead this year.