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Estill Voice Training

COVID-19 Are courses going online? What about ONE2ONEs and Certification?

We intend to deliver our courses IN-PERSON.
Should restrictions prevent this they will move ONLINE.
ONE2ONEs and Certification whether you've already started or not, are both ONLINE & IN-PERSON.
More in-person dates are being added as restrictions change.
For more information and HOW WE CAN HELP click HERE.

Using ZOOM - how do I improve my sound quality?

Going online doesn't always sound great. A few tweaks may help, click HERE.

I'm unsure, so tell me - What is Estill?

No problem - Find Out First Hand at our blog by clicking HERE

Will I be qualified in Estill if I attend a Level I&II course?

No. However after attending and taking part in all elements, participants receive an 'Attendance Certificate'. This will count as a prerequisite towards pursuit of  Estill Voice Training qualifications.
The knowledge and tools gained from the full course will make such a difference to your voice and/or teaching, you may decide to join others who go on to certification.

Find out more at our Certification page, click HERE

Can I take Level I & II separately and what is the advantage of doing them together?

Yes you can take Level I & II separately. The vast majority of people do them together. This has proved over many years to be the most effective and enjoyable way to learn the model.
Besides after completing Level I you’ll be eager to find out where Level II will take you.

Can I just attend Level II, I have years of experience and would like to know if this would be better suited to me?

Level I & II courses are progressive and together teach the model in its entirety. It's not possible to attend Level II without first taking Level I as it wouldn't make any sense!
Your experience however will be invaluable to help master the model and its tools more efficiently.

My Speech/Language Therapist has recommended Estill voice training. Should I sign up for just Level I or Level II also? I'm worried about intensive vocal exercising over three days, let alone five. Currently, I am worn out after an hour of singing.

It may be possible to attend the Level I course with an option to stay on for Level II. Although the courses are intensive, it’s not so much on the voice. Besides working on your own voice, much of the time involves listening and observing others and having fun!

Healthy, stress and pain free vocalisation is at the heart of what we teach. Rest assured you will be monitored closely throughout with expert help always at hand. You can whenever you wish rest your voice and still take part in the course. During Level I you’ll find the information ‘clicks’ and you’re able to effect changes quite quickly. Therefore, you may feel at the end of Level I that you you’d like to stay on for Level II and continue having fun.

Can I take Level I & II in ONE2ONE sessions?

Yes, but this is not the best way to receive the material. The model reveals itself and its benefits over the five days when observing others and having them observe you. Being part of a group greatly enhances your learning and progress. It’s also much more fun!

Why are the exercises called ‘Figures’?

It is taken from the world of competitive figure skating where the execution of certain ‘figures’ was compulsory, such as the Figure 8. This demonstrated technical skills, physical and mental control.
Similarly, Estill Voice Training – Figures for Voice are exercises used to acquire and demonstrate vocal control. They form part of the vocal toolkit gained that you’ll always be able to use.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Our Refund/Cancellation Policy is part of our Terms & Conditions that can be found by clicking the link in the footer of all our website pages and by clicking HERE.

Charlotte Xerri

Estill Mentor & Course Instructor with Testing Privilages find her at by clicking HERE.

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