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Certification at any level means having the right to have that listed in a curriculum vitae and promotional biographical descriptions.

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Estill Figure Proficiency (EFP)

Awarded to individuals for achievement in demonstrating the basic options for voice control taught in Estill Voice International (EVI) approved Estill Voice Training (EVT) Level One and Level Two courses.

The EFP examination process is open to anyone who has completed an EVT Level One and Two Course. Sound files for each Figure option and Quality are recorded into the Estill Voiceprint Plus spectrogram programme. The EFP examination typically takes 1-2 hours.

Examination Fee – £150.

The Estill Figure Proficiency is a prerequisite for more advanced certification levels. It is an excellent place to start.

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Estill Master Trainer (EMT)

Awarded to individuals who develop a command of EVT theory and practice, and who are able to demonstrate the ability to teach Estill Voice Training in the private studio or classroom setting.

Phase One – you demonstrate mastery of the Estill Voice Model, including the Figures for Voice taught in Level I and the Six Voice Qualities taught in Level II through formal written and Estill Voiceprint Plus examinations.

Phase Two – once you have passed phase one, you then demonstrate the ability to teach Estill Voice Training to individuals and/or small groups.

An Estill Mentor & Course Instructor (EMCI) with testing privileges observes and assesses your competency.

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Estill Mentor & Course Instructor (EMCI)

Demonstrates advanced understanding of the Estill Voice Model as well as the anatomy, physiology, acoustics, and research that are its foundation through formal written and oral examinations.

Certification at this level indicates mastery of teaching Level I & II Courses in public and is the culmination of a mentoring process where the candidate is observed and supervised teaching Estill Voice Training concepts and Figures in public courses.

Information including prerequisites in the
Estill Voice Training - Certification Manual
version 5.1 effective Aug 2019
download or view pdf - click below

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