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‘There's no better introduction in a way that's detailed & comprehensive - Accept no substitutes.’
Paul Norcros-King singer/singing teacher

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'A truly amazing week. Charlotte is inspiring & the course is so informative. Taught in a very kind, patient, supportive & incredibly fun environment. My only regret is that I didn’t do it years ago. Thank you so much!'
Michelle Minderides – Singer/Teacher April 2024


'This course was phenomenal & exceeded my expectations. I've been looking for this type of understanding to help resolve problems in my voice for years. I have seen many different voice coaches over the years, each one helped a little, but I got more out of 20 minutes of coaching with Charlotte than I did from all those other coaches & teachers put together!'
Christine Cooper – Musician/Storyteller/Coach/Speaker April 2024


'Charlotte is AMAZING!! I achieved all my goals set at the beginning of the week, & left feeling more motivated & empowered than ever!'
Grace Gillespie – Singer April 2024


'Such an incredible course! I learnt so much about myself and the voice in general- Charlotte is an amazing trainer & I can’t believe how much we learnt in 5 days. Thank you so much!'
Esme Bennett – Singer April 2024


'Charlotte was warm, encouraging, & fostered a safe environment for us all to learn. It felt like a space in which inquiry & play were both honed to allow the group opportunities to broaden horizons & perspectives of the voice. Thank you Charlotte for your wit, knowledge and kindness this week'
Anthony Whiteman – Performer/Educator April 2024


'The most amazing course, I think anyone with an interest in voice let alone anyone trying to use it to pursue a career should do this course'
Jade Gillio – Singer – February 2024


'I am soooo glad I attended this course. I have gained so much knowledge and its amazing how much my singing voice (as a non singer) has improved in such a short period of time. Watching Charlotte scaffold others' learning and voices in the open session was invaluable'
Catherine Ridings – Speech & Language Pathologist – February 2024


'Another great course and looking forward to continuing with Charlotte to work towards further certification'
Dylan Jones – Actor/Singer – February 2024


'Charlottes approach is inviting, engaging and inspiring. Whilst putting us all at ease in the space, she teaches with precision and invites everyone to contribute. Her knowledge and experience is excellent and the open vocal sessions not only demonstrate her expert knowledge but very much showcase her ability to coach with passion and sensitivity'
Lauren Dyer– Musical Director/Choir Leader/Voice Coach – February 2024


'This was one of the best courses I have attended on the voice. It really brought to life not only the technical aspects of the structure of the vocal mechanism but the possibilities for how the voice can be used for vocal artistry and expression. Charlotte is a masterful teacher, with a fantastic ability to convey her knowledge and deep understanding in a way that is engaging and memorable. Highly recommended'
Valerie Taylor – Musical Director/Singer/Choir Coach – February 2024


'There is enough learning on the course to keep me busy for a long time and I got a great deal of inspiration from listening to others much more analytically than before. This will be of great benefit for both my own singing and teaching. Charlotte is absolutely wonderful, super talented, sympathetic teacher and the course was not lacking in humour and banter. Great!'
Elvi-Maria Veijonen – Singing teacher – January 2024


'I learned so much from this course. I have a better idea of the anatomy and physiology of the voice as well as how to explore my voice in a healthier and effortless way, I'm very grateful. Charlotte was brilliant'
Venla Kosonen – Vocal teacher – January 2024


'Thank you for introducing me to the power of my voice'
Ayşe Buse Kurt – Speech & Language Pathologist – January 2024


'I'm very excited to teach and practice singing with all the new tools I have from this course and our amazing teacher Charlotte'
Sirkka Salminen – Singing Teacher – January 2024


'This course was great! Very encouraging, thorough and knowledgeable teaching. An atmosphere where it was fun to study, even though there was a lot of stuff. Thank you!'
Hanna Vainionpää – Singing Teacher – January 2024


‘This course really is all about answers! What a joyful & fascinating week. Charlotte is a wonderfully engaging teacher, able to impart a huge body of knowledge with great charisma & energy! It really was a fantastic week!'
Olivia Barr – Singer/Singing Teacher – October 2023


‘A fantastic week, both my brain & heart are full’
Rhianna Goodwin – Singer/Teacher – October 2023


‘A brilliant course - informative & fun. Charlotte & her team are real experts. They're also generous, supportive & often hilarious’’
Justin Joseph – Teacher – October 2023


'The week gave me all the answers I'd gone through various singing teachers to find & so much more. Charlotte is extremely engaging, insightful, & so incredibly well-informed. Thank you so much ’
Sufia Mills – Musical Director – October 2023


'Charlotte is incredibly inspiring, this training week has reignited my passion for both singing & teaching!’
Chloe Carroll – Singing Teacher/Singer – October 2023


‘I couldn't have been under better guidance. I feel absolutely inspired'
Jenni Siuruainen - Singer/Vocal Coach - September 2023


‘Charlotte is an amazing teacher, an extremely sincere person who puts herself aside for those she's helping. Mega course!'
Agnieszka Kocińska – Singer/Voice Teacher - August 2023


‘Charlotte is an incredibly skilled, attentive, knowledgeable & creative coach who blends art with science perfectly. I have come away feeling so inspired & grateful. Thank you!’
Hannah Williams – Speech & Language Therapist - June 2023


‘Charlotte is wonderful, incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, encouraging & helped me get something out of my voice I didn't think was possible. Thank you!’
Rachel Calvert – Performance Arts Teacher - April 2023


‘Charlotte takes the science & applies it in a way that is both scientific for voice teachers & accessible for singers. The course allowed us to be expressive & make mistakes in a safe & controlled environment’
Chris Curlett - Actor - February 2023

Life changing
Paul Schofield – Musical Director/Musician


‘This course is life changing, for myself as a singer & my students’
Ashley Donaldson Gardner - Vocal/Acting/Acrobatic Arts Coach


‘This course and the teachers on it are life changing
Tom Reade – Performer/teacher


‘The start of something very life changing
Mae Karthauser – Singer/Singing Teacher


Life changing information if you are a vocalist or vocal coach’
Ashleigh Dowler - Singer and singing teacher

‘I wish I had known about this years ago’
Deborah Bloom – Drama teacher


‘It’s answered questions I’ve had for years
Saskia van der Zee – Singing Teacher


‘I wish I’d done this 10 years ago’
Sarah Ince – Singer/Singing Teacher

'A plethora of knowledge and understanding. A truly excellent week equipping Voice users with the tools that are required to use the voice effectively'
Alex Dengate - Musical Director and Lecturer


‘I have gained so much knowledge in 5 days, delivered in a very professional but friendly manner. Fun and really effective at the same time'
Angela Luzi – Singer/Singing Teacher


'Charlotte’s courses are for anyone of any level looking to increase their knowledge about the voice, or to improve their singing!'
Melissa Morris – Singer/Teacher/Actor/Coach


'Charlotte is a tour de force of all things voice related. A thorough and detailed course perfect for anyone looking to develop their knowledge'
Marion Wyllie– Singing Teacher

Charlotte and her team are the best in the business. This course is a must for anyone who wants to reach their true vocal potential’
Sarah Brickel – singer/vocal teacher


‘I highly recommend completing Levels 1 & 2 with Charlotte and Voice your Potential. As a pro singer and teacher for over 20 years it was a real awakening!’
Abi Gilchrist – singer/singing teacher


Charlotte is a great and inspiring teacher. The difference her teaching can make in even a very short time is incredible’
Gemma Bourke – actor/singer


Charlotte combines genuine warmth and humour with technical expertise to offer some of the most effective vocal coaching I’ve ever seen’
Samantha Miles – speech & language therapist/singer

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What do Speech & Language Therapists say about us?

Estill Voice Training with Voice Your Potential Charlotte Xerri EMCI-ATP SD Estill Mentor & Course Instructor with Advanced Testing Privileges & Service Distinction


Find out first hand how we can help.
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‘As a speech and language therapist, this course provides a rare opportunity to explore practical application of the anatomy and physiology of the voice. Being able to isolate, describe, and combine different movements within the vocal tract is essential for voice therapy and Estill gives the time and practice required to better support people with voice disorders.’
Hannah Francis – Speech & Language Therapist


‘I would recommend this course to anyone with interest in exploring and improving use of the voice.
While this course was not designed solely for Speech and Language Therapists, I felt the role and scope of SLTs was addressed with great understanding.
Course attendees benefit from a high level of expertise regarding the larynx and vocal parameters. An engaging and beneficial course with great tutors.’
Esther Webb – Speech & Language Therapist


‘Charlotte and the team combine genuine warmth and humour with technical expertise to offer some of the most effective vocal coaching I’ve ever seen. Their contagious enthusiasm is inspiring.’
Samantha Miles – Speech & Language Therapist


‘The course provided fantastic medical and practical detail to fully understand the vocal tract and voice production.’
Rachel Wilson – Speech & Language Therapist


‘I had a fantastic experience with Charlotte & Voice Your Potential. Charlotte is an incredibly skilled, attentive, knowledgeable and creative coach and she blends art with science perfectly. I have come away feeling so inspired and grateful. Thank you!’
Hannah Williams – Speech & Language Therapist

‘The convenience of online was a bonus but
nothing beats being in the room
Sian Pattison – Singer


‘I learnt a huge amount online, but the practical feedback/group practice was
much better in person
Sara Leanne – Singer, Songwriter & Arranger


‘Although I did also enjoy the online workshop,
I much preferred an in-person course’
Taylor Giacoma - singer, composer, teacher


‘I feel safer to use my voice
with in-person coaching
Rita Chu Hoi Man - Singer


‘Much better in person -
Susanna Fairbairn – Singer/Singing Teacher


‘This course really has to be
Allan Stirling – Presentation Coach


‘In person course was much better than online.
Woori Han – Actor/Singer

Brilliant to be in person’

Jennifer Capstick - Singer, teacher, music therapist

‘I attended a workshop online but I got
so much more understanding in person’

Laverne Wynter - Singing Teacher

‘In person is always better

Adrian Nistor - Singer

Estill Voice Training with Voice Your Potential

‘The most effective education in vocal study that I’ve ever had in my life.’
Juliana Klimenko singer/songwriter/vocal coach

Charlotte Xerri


BA (hons) Music
MA (vocal performance)
LLCM TD (classical guitar)
Post Grad. Cert. Education (secondary)
Estill Master Trainer (EMT)
Estill Mentor & Course Instructor (EMCI)
Estill Examiner with Advanced Testing Privileges (ATP)
& Service Distiction (SD)

Estill Voice Training with Voice Your Potential

Teacher & Singer

Charlotte shares her experience and knowledge as one of the most qualified teachers/examiners of the Estill Model with West End singers, musical directors & more.


Mentoring voice and singing teachers working in major institutions across the UK and internationally.


Charlotte is founder & director of Voice Your Potential® Ltd producing Estill and related courses throughout the UK and globally.


Charlotte has Advanced Testing Privileges with Service Distinction to examine for Estill Voice International and has served as the President of the Estill Certification Advisory Board.


Find more about Charlotte by clicking HERE
Charlotte Xerri at EVI (Estill Voice International) - click HERE


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