Charlotte Xerri


Charlotte Xerri EMT/EMCI-ATP

BA (hons) Music, MA (vocal performance), PCGE,  LLCM (TD)

Estill Voice Training; Estill Master Trainer

Estill Mentor & Course Instructor with Advanced Testing Privileges

Charlotte enjoys sharing her many years of experience with voice and the Estill Model;
working with West End singers and musical directors as well as voice/singing teachers from the major institutions and vocal health professionals.


Alongside her husband Marcel, they are Directors of Voice Your Potential® Ltd producing voice related training & events. These include annual Level I & II courses in London, Leeds and Brighton, Estill Figure Proficiency (EFP) and Estill Master Trainer (EMT) Certification Pathways and other courses attracting participants from the UK, Europe and beyond. Charlotte is also available for ONE2ONE coaching sessions in central London and online video coaching.


Charlotte has Advanced Testing Privileges to examine for Estill Voice International. As President of the Estill International Certification Advisory Board her contribution to the Estill Voice Training Certification Manual led to updates in both terminology and procedures.


She’s had a varied career in performance and music/vocal education. As a performer she has worked in opera and extensively as a session singer and an oratorio soloist.


As a voice educator, clients include CPL Productions for Sky TV, Native/19 Entertainment, Map Entertainment, Jimmy Hogarth/Kid Gloves, Royal Bank of Scotland, GlaxoSmithKline, Goldsmiths College London, Brighton University, Urdang Academy & Toastmasters, BRICTT (Brighton Academy of Contemporary Theatre Training), The World Voice Expo.I & II in Poland, Chichester University, & Northhampton University.


Charlotte has also collaborated with Sue Jones, Consultant SLT in Professional Voice Rehabilitation and author of Laryngeal Endoscopy & Voice Therapy A Clinical Guide, delivering two day courses produced by Voice Your Potential specifically for Speech and Language Therapists.


As part of a research team at The Ohio State University USA, Charlotte took part in exploring new and exciting research using state of the art technology, continuing to build upon our understanding of vocal function.

Charlotte Xerri

Estill Mentor & Course Instructor with Advanced Testing Privileges find her at Estillvoice.com by clicking HERE.